Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunny Sunday Ramblings

Well, here we are on my second favorite day of the week...Sunday.  It's sunny and it's going to be in the 50's today!  My home is warm and clean and I have hot, delicious coffee and the entire day laid out before me like a present waiting to be unwrapped. 

I have "work" to do today but it's the kind I enjoy, cleaning, laundry.  Yes, I like doing those things and would do them for a living if I could. 

I'm looking out my window at a very large, very old tree - maple if memory serves me correctly - hard to tell without the leaves.  About half way up the tree is a big hole that has been hollowed out by...who knows what...time or weather or something.

Last spring a mother raccoon and her three babies took up residence in that hole.  I spent weeks enjoying watching them.  I would almost be late for work from watching them in the mornings and I would rush home to spend part of my evenings watching them.

I watched them until the babies grew and started venturing out of that hole.  The mother would nudge them back in.  Sometimes I would watch the mother leave the tree at dusk and see her come back in the morning. 

I know raccoons are considered "pests" but let me tell you, these little critters were cute, cute, cute!

Sometimes the mother raccoon would sit out on the tree and watch me watching her.  She didn't seem nervous or upset about me being there.  Instead, she seemed as fascinated and curious about me as I was about her. 

One day they were all gone.  I don't know when they left or why but I assume it was because the babies were big enough that they didn't need to stay there anymore.  I missed them.  I hope a new raccoon family moves into the tree this year. 

I think I have more than covered five blessings in this post.  This whole day is a blessing, filled with multiple smaller blessings that make it a true gift.  May you have the gift of many blessings in your Sunday. 

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